Woes of having Bitchy Resting Face

My entire life I’ve been labeled/typecast as masungit, snob, mataray, etc. and up until now I’ve been trying to shrug it off. But because I’ve been getting frequent comments like “Ngiti naman dyan” or “Ba’t ka nakasimangot?” lately (and mind you, I don’t have close friendships with people that say these), I have to vent and speak my mind.

Before I say anything else, I want it to be clear that I’m not mad. I’m just frustrated. Just as frustrated you are with my face.

First. I was born with this expression on my face. I have a perpetual unintentional scornful look. My lips are shaped in a way that suggests I’m frowning and unhappy with life. But I’m not. I’m perfectly fine and happy. However, I shouldn’t be obligated to smile every minute at every person I pass by. That’s not normal, I think. So I hope you could just accept that I have an unpleasant facial expression. Accept the fact that I look like I’m getting my mugshot taken all the time.

Second. I do smile at people. When I make eye contact with someone I know, I nod in acknowledgment or simply smile. I don’t, however, smile at strangers/people I’ve barely even struck conversation with. To be clear – I don’t frown at them either. My face is just resting, minding its own business 99% of the time. So take this with no offense: I’m not obligated nor compelled to smile to please you or to refute your suspicions that I am indeed a snob. Especially when we don’t even really know each other.

Third. Don’t tell me what to do. Lalo na kung di kita ka ano-ano. I know you probably mean well but I find it just a tad bit insulting. Please don’t tell me to smile. Please don’t ask me why I’m frowning. Please don’t call me names like simang or sungit. You don’t know me.

Last! I’m actually quite friendly and approachable once you get to know me, given that your intentions are good of course. I enjoy a good and hearty laugh like anyone else. I’m not exactly a social butterfly but I am generally nice and easy to get along with.

In case you still can’t grasp what I’m trying to say here, here’s a video that might help you understand it better.


As a matter of fact, there are well-known people who have the same bitchy resting face as me, people like

Aubrey Plaza

Olivia Wilde

Kat Dennings

Kristen Stewart

Victoria Beckham

Kaya Scodelario

So the next time you see me, keep in mind that I’m not angry/sad/pissed. I am simply minding my own business and just being normal. I may look like I’ve been buried in debt but really, on the inside I’m actually all


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13 thoughts on “Woes of having Bitchy Resting Face

  1. Reblogged this on wanderrwithmee and commented:

  2. taray queen says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this one. More than often, people mistake me as someone who’s very unapproachable, when I’m not! I love this post. Very direct to the point!

  3. Yixing says:

    I feel you. When I ask my friends what their first impression of me, they tell me that they thought I was like those bitchy mean girls they see in movies or read about in novels. But they told that when we became close, I proved them wrong. Very wrong.

    I even had a friend who advised to keep smiling even for no reason (but of course, it was only a joke, lol). I hope people would understand people like us more.

    Great post, by the way!

  4. eliza_beth says:

    I feel you. Very well said. Everything you say is true. Even the closest friends of mine would tell me to smile, when my face would just mind its own business. I mean hello, they’re my friends. Shouldn’t they know by now, that this is my normal face? I love love this blog. Can I share?

  5. Mrs Lee Hyukjae says:

    Uyyyy sikat!!! Miss uuuuu

  6. Shela M. says:

    Finally someone said it!! Can I share this on twitter? 🙂

    • misterfishy says:

      Yes of course! 🙂

      • Grass says:

        I shared this on FB without asking you first, sorry. Our director in one musical play I did shared this and I gotta tell you, it’s 5 am now but I enjoyed every word of your post. That short video of “Sound of Music” is ftw! Glad to know you’re takjng Creative Writing in UP, you write well. Just a friendly advice: Don’t let writing become a task – this is a common complaint among friends who took this course. Okay lang naman sa UP ang mabagal pero best ang delivery. Haha! Common ang ma-delay sa graduation.

  7. Jooley says:

    As a terribly bitch-faced girl myself, I thank you for this post!

  8. Thank you for this post. Amen to you.

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